How It Works


A Walk Through the Medical Transcription Process

A New Age in Medical Transcription

While tapes used to be the most common medium used for recording dictation, modern computer and internet technology have paved the way for digital dictation.

How does this work? The process begins when the doctor dictates into a digital voice recorder, after which he uploads the files from the recorder into the computer. The files are saved in the appropriate folders and can then be sent as an attachment via email to the transcription company.

The MT (Medical Transcriptionist) then receives the email and downloads the file. With the appropriate software, the MT can then convert the files to the preferred format. Using a headset to listen to the dictation and a foot pedal to move through and manipulate the speed of the voice file, the MT transcribes the dictation. The finished reports are then emailed back to the physician’s office where they are filed and printed as needed.

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